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Wood-burning pizza oven, model 2 pizza
  • Wood-burning pizza oven, model 2 pizza

Wood-burning pizza oven, model 2 pizza

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Country of manufacture:Russia

Wood - burning pizza oven, model "2 pizzas"

The stove is designed for outdoor use in a summer cafe or in the country. Heats up to operating temperature in just 15 minutes!

Mobile, easy to operate. Good thermal insulation, thanks to which the stove keeps heat for a long time, and the outer surface does not heat up above 50 degrees. FROM.

  • working temperature - up to 500 degrees. FROM.
  • baking surface - refractory ceramics with a working temperature of up to 1500 degrees. FROM.
  • the roof of the furnace is made of heat - resistant stainless steel.
  • the oven is delivered fully assembled, ready for use.
  • productivity up to 50 pizzas per hour.
  • hearth dimensions 50 x 60 cm.
  • furnace weight 100 kg.
  • dome color options

Professional ovens


  • "2 pizzas";
  • "4 pizzas";
  • "7 pizzas".

Mobile, easy - to - use ovens with a heat - resistant stainless steel roof. Supplied fully assembled and ready for use.

What makes the new oven models different?

The characteristics of the models "2 pizzas", "4 pizzas", "7 pizzas" are made closer to the Russian ovens we are used to. So that in addition to pizza and kebabs, you can cook traditional Russian cuisine - based on languor and long exposure at a slowly falling temperature. For this, the heat capacity of the furnace has been increased. Fireclay bricks and sand backfill are laid under the refractory ceramic tiles. Improved thermal insulation.

In addition, to exclude smoke emissions into the room, the design and proportions of the mouth of the furnace are also taken from Russian stoves.


- "5.5 minutes" "2 pizzas" "4 pizzas" "7 pizzas"
Weight, kg 100 160 228 380
hearth area m2 0.3 0.31 0.46 0.92
hearth dimensions cm 60 x 50 61 x 51 76 x 61 122 x 76
warm - up time min fifteen 25 thirty 35
container in pizzas D 30 cm 2 2 4 7
capacity in kg of bread 2/4 2/4 4/8 9/18
average fuel consumption kg / h 3 3 4 nine
maximum oven temperature 500 500 500 500
dimensions LxWxH mm 730x820x550 883x1044x806 985x1044x768 1217x1500x955
height with stand mm 1530 1530 1768 1898
chimney mm 150 150 150 250

Minimum supply volume: from one.

Delivery terms: FCA, FOB - as agreed with the customer.

Packaging: products are transported on a wooden pallet. Additional equipment is packed on another pallet.

Form of payment: Cash and bank transfer.

Delivery: The delivery service to the nearest branch of the transport company is provided free of charge. Our experts will take care of choosing the best shipping company.

We produce:

  • Stoves - braziers;
  • Barbecues are open;
  • VESTA complexes;
  • Pizza ovens;
  • Shawarma machine;
  • Smokehouses;
  • Grills;
  • Accessories.
Country of manufacture:Russia
Source of power:Firewood, coals
Information is up-to-date: 17.06.2021

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