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Vesta K2-M25-Vk complex
  • Vesta K2-M25-Vk complex

Vesta K2-M25-Vk complex

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Country of manufacture:Russia

Vesta K2 - M25 - Vk complex

The Vesta complex is a set of equipment united under one spark arrester.

K2 - M25 - Vk. Complete set: K2, M25 brazier oven, Vesta k.

Name Qty
Stand V2 1
Umbrella V2 1
Spark Arrester Unit 1
Smokehouse Vesta K 1
Brazier Vesta 25 1
Stand 1
Thermal cabinet 1
Warm cabinet grill 1

When purchasing several types of equipment, it becomes necessary to install several water spark arresters. The Vesta complex allows you to place different types of equipment under one spark arrester.

You can buy the whole complex at once, you can buy it in parts.

Decoding of the complex:

K2, K3 - set on a "Vega 2" or "Vega 3" stand, respectively.

V1, V2, V3 - open barbecues "Vega"

A - open brazier "Argentina"

M25, M45, M50 - Brazier ovens "Vesta"

Vk - smokehouse "Vesta k"

Example: K3 - V1 - Vk - M25

- complex in a triple support (K3);

- outdoor grill Vega (V1);

- smokehouse Vesta k (Vk);

- barbecue oven Vesta M25 (M25)

Minimum supply volume: from one.

Delivery terms: FCA, FOB - as agreed with the customer.

Packaging: products are transported on a wooden pallet. Additional equipment is packed on a different pallet.

Form of payment: Cash and bank transfer.

Delivery: The delivery service to the nearest branch of the transport company is provided free of charge. Our experts will take care of choosing the best shipping company.

We produce:

  • Stoves - braziers;
  • Barbecues are open;
  • VESTA complexes;
  • Pizza ovens;
  • Shawarma machine;
  • Smokehouses;
  • Grills;
  • Accessories.
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 17.06.2021

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Unbelievable price on Vesta K2-M25-Vk complex in Medvedevo (Russia) company Vesta, OOO.
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