Профессиональные мангалы для ресторанов на древесном угле цена купить от производителя в россии
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Vesta, OOO

Open barbecues

Open barbecues

Professional charcoal barbecues for restaurants have  released a series of open barbecue grills of various designs:

"Vega" - copied from a well-known European manufacturer,

"Argentina" - from a lesser known (in Russia) American manufacturer.

Both grills have been modified taking into account Russian preferences.

Brazier "Vega" is supplied with different grill racks. The height of the grate is changed (grate with coal).

The Argentinean brazier has an inclined V-shaped grill. The grill grate can change its height above the charcoal during cooking. The grate drive is manual, using the hand wheel.

Brazier Vega
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243600 RUB
Brazier Vega VEGA brazier is certified in accordance with GOST 9817 - 95 "Household appliances operating on solid fuel". The body of the "VEGA" brazier is made of 5 mm thick steel. The grate lifting unit has additional replaceable steel walls 5 mm thick. The grate is made of special heat -...
Group: Мангалы открытые
Brazier Argentina
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131000 RUB
Brazier "ARGENTINA". Argentina is an open grill designed for all types of catering establishments: cafes, gastro bars, restaurants, summer grounds. The design of the barbecue allows you to use it in the open air at any time of the year, both in hot summer heat and in severe winter frost. The...
Group: Мангалы открытые


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